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Passion Red And Black Shorts

Passion Red And Black Shorts

Present your partner with the perfect gift, with these thoughtful Passion Red and Black Shorts from the wonderfully naughty Passion male lingerie range. Whether giving or receiving, the thought will certainly be appreciated by both parties. Made from a comfortable wet look material, which resembles leather or PVC, but offers a much more comfortable, softer fit, these shorts are perfect for ensuring a kinky and erotic atmosphere.
Feeling incredible for the wearer and exciting for the person that they are being worn for, you’ll be loathed to remove these shorts when it comes to the point of unwrapping. A striking red tie at the front, over the crotch, can be shaped into a bow for an attractive and alluring presentation that will add a degree of a ceremony to any romantic night in.
The shorts are available in a range of sizes to fit the wearer's needs. Passion lingerie is designed and manufactured in Poland from European fabrics including Spanish elastic satins, Italian laces, British Coats threads. Each lingerie set contains Oeko Tex certified materials to the highest standard.
18.99 GBP